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I am a 4x a week CrossFit enthusiast and Sunhorse helped with keeping my engine running. With 3 kids under the age of 6, the only time I can workout is at 5am. Sunhorse products were very helpful with some adrenal stress from the strenuous workouts and with limited sleep. Plus, the Sunhorse products legitimately helped with my mood and energy for when the kids were "being kids".


I started using sun horse after talking with the guys at the Bulletproof biohacking conference in 2015. I decided to give it a shot as the vitality that the sun horse team radiates is quite convincing. After a few weeks of using it I definitely have noticed quicker recovery after my workouts and simply a step up in energy. This is crucial at the firehouse as I work 24 hr shifts and having it on hand is very convenient. No matter what the fire and EMS service brings I've always got a little kick of energy to help me get through.
Thanks Sunhorse, keep it up.
Will H.


I am a commercial real estate broker and work on 100% commission so my work-life is unpredictable and “go-go-go.” The same goes for life outside work. I began eating very healthy (low-sugar, low-carb, local produce, etc) during college and have continued it because I need to have steady energy and emotional state for my job. But living in the city, it can be hard to avoid toxins and have that steady flow of energy with so many things nagging for your attention and draining willpower. The first time I heard about Sun Horse Energy I had to try it…and have used it since. It is perfect for adding to my smoothies or morning water and I can feel my body’s energy being steadier and lasting longer. I would like to know more about each individual root and its’ effects, but the combination is powerful and I am grateful to the Sun Horse team. Cheers, -Jeremy


My name is Steve, I'm 24 years old and work as an Analyst for a aviation software company in Chicago, Illinois. I live a fairly active life style. In a typical week, I lift weights 3 times and run or bike 2 other days. I used to struggle quite a bit with muscle soreness following a weight lifting session, but thanks to Sun Horse's Ultimate Energy formula that is no longer the case. I have noticed that my body recovers much more quickly than it did prior to using the Ultimate Energy formula. Also, I have had 3 reconstructive knee operations on my left knee to repair a torn ACL. Because of these operations, general achiness and swelling after periods of activity had become the norm for me. Luckily, since incorporating Sun Horse Ultimate Energy into my daily routine, I have noticed far less pain and inflammation in my knee. Overall, I have been thoroughly impressed with Sun Horse's Ultimate Energy formula and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to improve their day-to-day health and well-being.


I have two high school daughters and i have been a Creative Director for digital media for the past 25 yrs. Between may daughters' school and sports activities, doing the books for my husband’s work, my own work and my need for physical activity whether it is rock climbing, cycling or running, I am extremely busy. I have always been very athletic and fit, and when perimenopause hit, my life became a series of uncomfortable day time hot flashes, and night sweats that were so extreme I would wake up each night drenched. My energy level plummeted because I was waking up several times a night. The doctor recommended I take estrogen, but it was very expensive and i was not keen on taking a synthetic hormone. I had heard about Adaptogenic herbs so started researching and came across Thrivagen. I have been taking Thrivagen for 3 months and after about a month I started to notice many of my symptoms of low estrogen–hot flashes and night sweats—had subsided quite a bit, I had more energy and my mood was much more stable. I now have the energy to keep up with my girls and do the physical activities I love. I am happy to continue to use Thrivagen to keep my hormones (and everything else) balanced without the use of synthetic drugs.


Hi. I am an actress, painter and songwriter. I began taking the women's formula last September. I found it helped me function better in my busy life, and maintain that high level of creativity that is necessary to grow as an artist. I was able to produce a solo show of 37 of my paintings, book a national commercial, remain active in my songwriting and even take up screenwriting this year. It is a great asset to my already healthy, yet chaotic lifestyle which enhances my wellbeing and my ability to keep up with my desires in learning and loving life. All my best! Juniper


My name is Tim Gorichanaz and I am a PhD student and ultrarunner. The grad student life can be very sedentary, so in addition to my daily runs I make sure to fix in frequent changes in position, short walks, stretches, etc. My eating is something like Bulletproof/paleo, but without being too, too picky. I'm generally a calm and balanced person, but what I did notice from Sun Horse was what I can only describe as a heightened sense of vitality. It's not a smack-you-in-the-face burst of energy like you might get from a double-espresso, but then it doesn't come with the crash you'd get from that, either. Instead, it's an overall, sustainable positivity. With adaptogens, I feel more ready to face the world—whether it's performing in my next race, working on a paper, or presenting at a conference. Oh, and another amazing benefit I've noticed is fat loss. I've been overweight for all of my life. As a kid I was clinically obese, weighing around 240 pounds. In college I started strength training, and slowly my weight went down over the years. For the past few years, though, I've been around 190 pounds with a bit of a spare tire that seemed to stick around no matter what. But about two weeks after taking Sun Horse, I noticed abdominal muscles peeking through for the first time. That was an unexpected surprise! I've attached a photo of me after winning the 2016 Dawn 2 Dusk 2 Dawn 12-hour track event. I ran about 65 miles in 12 hours (overnight) on a high school track. Feel free to use it for whatever you'd like.

Jon Donovan

Sunhorse Energy has boosted my energy to perform and recover from the injury and physical stress of being an airborne paratrooper while not missing out on an active personal life.
Jon Donovan
Primal Health Coach


ve used the Sunhorse mojo and it has given me a boost of power in my workouts along with greater will power in my day to day working on my organic farm. The "stamina" late at night isn't bad either 😉

Loren Connett

Hey Sun Horse Team! I am a Personal Trainer and Owner of PNW GST, a GymnasticBodies Affliate based out of Corvallis Oregon. My lifestyle includes: Gymnastic Strength Training, Trail running, Acrobatics, Partner Yoga, Rock-climbing and well what ever I have time for after that! Eating and sourcing all local foods form Denison Farm one of Corvallis’s largest Organic Farms. To sum up my life style trying to balance Mind, Body and Spirit on the daily. My Testimonial: I consider myself a BioHacker. I don't want to waste my time or money, but I firmly realize that time is the valuable one of the two so if I can find a way to make that time better I’m all in, what good is money if your sick or dead? I had heard about adaptogens some years back and then they fell into the not important enough to do anything with pile. Some time later they popped back on my radar while listening to a Bullet Proof podcast. I did my research, when I get something I want the best and after 1 podcast, 3 scholarly articles, countless blogs and youtube videos it was time to try SUN HORSE! At the time that I started using the mojo, from Sun Horse I was a Sr. at Oregon State University working two jobs, working out 6 days a week, and trying to find time to cook all my meals and socialize… Loads of stress, not bad stress but stress none the less. I knew that I was already taking measures to stay on top of my game so I was skeptical whether or not I would feel an effect from the mojo! Long story short I did. With three rounds of finals a year I am well versed in how my body processes the stress from crunch time I normally have to dial back my workouts, but not this time. I hit my first finals week about one and a half weeks into taking the mojo, and things just flowed. Thoughts came easy, and I felt less fatigued for my workouts! The word for describing it is written right on the box it comes in THRIVE. How it felt, its not as load as say coffee but its more of a lingering surety, imagine if you where to give your body a tool to use that made functioning a bit easier for it. Which biologically is basically whats happening, your giving your cells a way to adapt to stressors better. I just wanted to share my experience with Sun Horse if anyone is thinking about taking the next step in preforming better and making the most of this brain and body I definitely recommend Mojo 8.5. Oh and it tastes great:).


Hi:) My name is Mary. I am a 56 year old active woman with a healthy, active lifestyle.I love to do yoga, lift weights and walk with my friends. You can solve a lot of the world's problems while walking and talking!(haha) I started taking Sun Horse Energy about a year ago after hearing about it on one of Dave Asprey's Bulletproof podcasts. Let me tell you it is a great product. I have more energy, less mood swings and s lept better about 2 weeks after I started taking it. I work part time as a house stager and then I take care of grandkids a couple days a week. I noticed after taking Sun Horse Thrivagen for women that I really did not get that late afternoon slump and my cravings improved as well. I highly recommend this product. I can't wait to try their new product NanoMojo!! Warm regards, Mary M Georgetown , TX

Jill GarciaJill Garcia

Dear friends at Sun Horse, Your product has greatly impacted my life in a very short amount of time. I first heard about it when I was listening to the Dr. Lo Radio podcast. I was curious if it could help with some of my adrenal fatigue issues and thought I would give it a try. As an independent musician and piano teacher, I need to be feeling great all day long to support my creative work and be an inspiring instructor for my students (of ALL ages, I might add). For the past two months I have been taking Sun Horse, I have seen many benefits related to sleep. I now understand more than ever how critical sleep is to overall health. I am sleeping more deeply and able to fall asleep more quickly. I am usually getting to bed and waking up on time, which has been a particular struggle for me. This deep sleep conforms my suspicions that there is some important healing happening in my body. Lately, waking up feels more like when I was a kid. There is no hour long morning grogginess! Also, my workouts have been phenomenal lately. Exercise is very important to me, since I am frequently sitting down at the piano in the mornings and with students in the afternoons. My energy throughout the day feels great. Again, it reminds me of how I felt as a kid. No coffee or sugar highs needed here! I also have other photos that are less formal if you prefer. Again, LOVE your product. 🙂 God bless you, Jill Garcia

Brian Bowen

I've always been active. Whether that's playing rugby, football, or baseball, to backpacking, CrossFit, and Obstacle/Mud Races. I also serve in the Air National Guard (12 years active duty Air Force, currently part-time in the Air Guard). Combine those types of activities, add my two young sons, and you've got a recipe for exhaustion! I take care of my body and mind...I eat healthily and exercise regularly. But, there was always a missing piece: sustained energy and mood. I've always prided myself of in starting each day with a positive attitude; however, we're all human, and sometimes we need something to help balance ourselves. Enter Sun Horse Energy! After a couple of weeks of consistently supplementing with Sun Horse Energy (Ultimate Energy), I found that my energy levels and mood had increased...and in a good way! I didn't feel that mid-afternoon "drag or drop" in energy. Instead, I felt just as productive as I did at 9:00 am (my energy peak time). Also - and I cannot seem to pinpoint it - I found that my aura remained balanced and calm. Small things, that in the past, may have gotten to me at the end of a long day, just didn't get under my skin. I now feel that I can deal with stressors in a more constructive and critically-thinking way. And...not sure if this is a positive side eect of Sun Horse Energy, but my libido has seemed to increase (much to the pleasure of my wife)! 🙂 Thanks, Sun Horse Energy, for helping me stay balanced, happy, and energized! Sincerely, Brian Bowen

Jamie RoseJamie Rose

My name is Jamie Rose. I am a massage therapist and Nia fitness dance instructor. I have been taking Sun Horse Energy Thrivagen for 2 months. I feel a huge difference in my energy levels! I don't tire as easily after working all day and then dancing for hours afterwards. My skin looks brighter and more vibrant and my hormones are better balanced. I haven't really taken any of my other nutritonal products, because I feel such a difference with Thrivagen. Thank you! -Jamie Rose

Frank VitaleFrank Vitale

Ok so I cant say enough good stuff about Sun Horse Energy. I’ve always been proactive when it comes to my health, not in a “I have to work out every day way” or "I cant have the occasional slice of pizza or cheeseburger sort of way"… but in a just don’t over do it and keep very active sort of way. I’m 49 years old an just maybe in the best health of my life. I’ve more energy, more strength, less fat and overall happier then ever. I don’t claim that one magical product is responsible for that but I do claim that learning about and adding adaptogens to my daily supplemental intake has played a huge role. I first heard of Sun Horse Energy when listening to Bulletproof Radio. I’ve been leaning toward the Bulletproof way of life for about 4 years now and what a difference it has made. I’m not strict but I do avoid processed food as much as I can and eat what my body craves. My naturopath says “I’m not sure what you are doing, but keep doing it” that works for me. I’m active, by choice, not by necessity. I hike and go on as many outdoor adventures as my schedule will allow. I also feed my brain by listening to engaging educational content and reading. I find that the addition of Ultimate Energy Adaptogenic Formula not only aids in my physical energy allowing me to do more, it aids in my mental energy allowing me grow more, be more focused, get more out of my meditation practice and retain more of what I ingest from a cerebral perspective. I love the product and am excited to try the new NanoMojo product. Thanks guys, keep up the amazing work, making the world a better place one bottle at a time. Frank Vitale Digital Artist (www.33north.net)


"Crystal here, from Seattle, WA.......... I stumbled across Thrivagen about a year ago when I was given a bottle from a concerned friend. I had a couple knee surgeries back to back and depression was taking over. My job is on location, travel can be tough on the body and I deal with celebrity type personalities often. I noticed a remarkable change in my energy, mood and over all vitality once I started using these adaptogens. I have the drive to continue my work day and am thriving in stressful environments. Thank You Sun Horse!"

Richard, age 70

I noticed the effect of taking Mojo 8.5 one day while showing some visitors around Los Angeles. I was driving them down a street in the San Gabriel Valley that is noted for having peacocks roaming freely through the neighborhood. My mind felt uncluttered, efficient and creative. I was entertaining the guests with stories and jokes about the area. My mind felt as energetic as that of a twenty year old. This experience made me a firm believer in Sun Horse Energy products. And, by the way, I am 70 years old.

J Crawford from Virginia

"I'm an active professional with children. I like to stay physically fit and Sunhorse has been a source of calm, smooth energy for work and fitness. I take it with me when I travel and add it to coffee and bottled water to overcome travel fatigue and snap right back to my best self without fearing any crash"

Pete LeckembyPete Leckemby

My name is Pete Leckemby, and I discovered your products back in May of this year. I turned 40 this year, and have been working to be more healthy. I used to drink energy drinks on a regular basis (sometimes 2 a day). As a leadership consultant for a Fortune 200 company, a husband and father of 3 very active boys, I need to have high levels of energy every day. Additionally, I sit on the board at my church, and am also the President of a local Toastmasters club. All that adds up to balancing a great deal of challenges and chaos on a daily basis. Since I started taking Sun Horse Ultimate Energy and now Mojo, I can tell you that even on the longest, toughest days I manage to maintain high levels of energy, focus and balance. Now I am coaching my sons' football team as well. The adaptogenic magic has had a profound impact on how I handle the daily tresses as well as how I feel. I sleep well and wake rested even on short nights of sleep, whereas I used to be lethargic from those shorter nights. When I travel for work, the long days and fights don't seem to impact me. I arrive at my destination ready to work and still highly focused. An unspoken benefit of these products has been how it has motivated me to seek additional healthy habits such as meditation to compound the effects. Thank you for your great products and commitment to helping me manage my chaos!! Warmly, Pete Leckemby


As an aid worker I have to operate in extremely challenging conditions and stay both mentally and physically fit so I use Sun Horse products to help provide optimal performance that allows me to thrive and keep my edge in disaster zones.


I have been watching biohack podcasts for years now, including all the David Asprey, Abel James and others. I have looked to pursue any edge I can get to gain the energy I need. I work in IT for a hospital here in upstate NY / Binghamton. I enjoy using Sunhorse Engery products because they give me the stability and endurance that will carry me through to 5PM and beyond. Never jittery, I have always enjoyed the level and quality of the energy I have received. John


Hello! My life is forever changed for the better thanks to Sun Horse Energy Thrivagen. I used to take several different supplements and herbal formulas to achieve half the results I get from Thrivagen. My energy and stamina are through the roof despite cutting my caffeine consumption in half. My lifelong struggle with PMS has come to an end!! I can't believe this is how good I'm supposed to feel-I didn't realize how far below baseline I had accepted as normal. I am a 46 year old TCM trained holistic nurse with a very healthy lifestyle, regularly practice hot yoga and eat a high fat/moderate protein/low carb diet of mostly organic and grass fed food. Noreen from Long Island

Michelle KhaliliMichelle Khalili

I discovered Sun Horse Energy’s Thriven for women nearly half a year ago, and have been taking it fairly regularly since then. I work full time as a banker by day, and am a group fitness and dance instructor in the evenings, making for quite a busy lifestyle. When I started taking Thrivagen, I noticed an increase in my overall energy level, but I wasn’t sure if it was due to the fact that I started getting a little more sleep and also began taking some new supplements right around the same time. Then about six weeks ago, I ran out of my Thrivagen supply, and all of a sudden I started feeling more fatigued, and frankly I noticed that my outlook on life was less rosy than normal. I hadn’t put two and two together and just chalked it up to “life changes” since I am in my early 40s. But then when I started taking Thrivagen again, I noticed that my energy levels noticeably shot up again, and my mood returned to my chipper, positive self. When I realized that the only change I had made was that I had started taking adaptogens again, honestly, I was bewildered. I hadn’t realized just how much of a difference they specifically made. Needless to say, I will be sure not to let my supply lapse again! Michelle Khalili, 41, Banker & Fitness Instructor


"I'm a successful business owner, I climb mountains, run marathons and run a jam-packed life. Sun Horse helps me run at full power when I'm running on little sleep. Simply put, Sun Horse allows me to live my life to the fullest." -Michael Donlin Co-founder, Rally Cap Properties

Shane CostShane Cost

As a high school teacher who is nearing forty and looking to stay active and to eat well, I nevertheless find that I run out of energy quite often and I am under a good deal of stress and anxiety. In fact, prior to sampling Mojo 8.5, I was battling moderate to severe depression. My meditation practice helped, but was still not enough. So when Mojo 8.5 arrived I was eager to give it a shot. During the month I first took Mojo 8.5 my anxieties lessened and my depression slinked away. After my initial bottle ran out, I decided to go without the product too see to what extent it had aided me. Less than a week into my experiment my depression returned in full force. I ordered a new bottle for myself and ordered a bottle of Thrivagen for my wife. My sense of calm returned quickly and my wife found that her facial blemishes — which become inflamed — began to swell less. We accidentally left her bottle at a hotel and while waiting for them to kindly ship it, she found her inflammation returned. Two days after returning to her Thrivagen protocol, she walked into the bedroom talking about how amazing the product is. And for all it has gifted my wife and me in our health and in our well-being, I have recommended the product to many people. My mother is putting her First order in, and I am sure she will be equally impressed. Thanks guys for making a great product. Sincerely, Shane Cost


I'm a Chef on a Super Yacht. We work long days, traveling, meeting silly deadlines and all the while keeping a smile on our faces for our guests. I'm blown away (sailing pun intended) at what a difference Sun Horse Energy has made for me. I've cruised through the most demanding of Charters, energized, calm and happy with the aid of your elixir. Last trip, I had run out....never again. So happy to have received the most recent order. Thanks


I first purchased Thrivagen (which I heard about on the bulletproof podcast) when I was having some female troubles including ones that could signify an early start to peri-menopause. So as to not provide too much information, it should suffice to say that very quickly, those symptoms were gone and I was hooked. In addition to these benefits, I feel alert, less stressed, and have more energy since finding and purchasing products from Sunhorse Energy! Thanks for your awesome product and hope I am never without it!

Sarah JaneSarah Jane

I am an art conservator in private practice in San Diego, CA. I am a very busy mother with a teenage girl (senior in high school). We are very healthy and active – I do Pilates and swim. I know I need SunHorse formulas in my life – when I ran out of the Adaptogen Thrivagen for Women, I felt run-down and tired. When I take it, I have more energy and feel more positive and balanced J SunHorse has great customer service, and I’ve recommended it to my friends! Thank you for all you do.

Kristin GibsonKristin Gibson

This is the most amazing supplement I’ve ever taken. For years, I have known my adrenals were weakened from a lifetime of what seems like PTSD from an emotional childhood. My cortisol response to the slightest bit of real or imagined stress has always been off the charts. I am 50 years old now, having suffered from chronic insomnia while getting through the hell of menopause. I started taking Thrivagen and immediately noticed better sleep. I am sleeping through the night for the first time in decades. The second thing I noticed was that my mood has improved drastically. I have always had depression, so I am delighted that I now feel less anxiety and much happier. I bike to work roundtrip 14 miles a day and I am recovering better as well as cutting time of my ride. My rock climbing is also improving because the anxiety-driven fear response has diminished. A couple of days ago I went running and had better energy, stamina and recovery, after 9 months of. I can’t say enough good things about these formulas. So I’ll just say thank you!

Valerie SloanValerie Sloan

"My boyfriend and I have been Sun Horse Energy customers for the last two years and we love their products! He uses the Mojo 8.5 product and I use the Thrivagen product. The very first time I ever tried the product, I could immediately notice the difference in my energy levels. Within 3-4 days, I was far less sleepy than I usually am. I also wasn't aware of how much the stress of my job (I work in a standard once environment doing accounting) was affecting my health. I was coming down with chronic bacterial infections because my body's immune system was in such poor shape. Sun Horse's adaptogens have tremendously improved my body's ability to handle and adapt to the stress. I had tried other adaptogens in the past, but none of them made any noticeable difference at all. I learned through research that the ingredients have to be very high-quality in order for them to work. Sun Horse is top-quality! I am very pleased with their products."


Your products are amazing! I feel so peaceful and am able to handle what life throws at me with such ease. Which is great because I'm a Pre-K teacher so I need to be on my game, while putting my best foot forward. On top of that my father is extremely ill and I have to be there to support him and the rest of my family, so anything that can help me be more centered is appreciated! Luckily I heard about Sun Horse, on the Urban Monk Podcast, and tried it right away. This stuff makes me feel like I have super hero powers! It honestly helps me stay centered, clear and in the present moment, and this means more energy. Thank you so much for your products, they are wonderful! Linda


Hello Sun Horse folks, Four years ago at age 51 (on my birthday) I had a pituitary tumor removed and after recovery started hormone replacement of thyroid and testosterone. Even though my tests showed I was "high normal" I didn't feel as good and energized as I did before my tumor. I began searching for natural products to help my energy and mental focus and ran across your product on a Palio focused pod cast. It sounded interesting so I ordered a bottle of Mojo 8.5 and within a couple of days I felt a great improvement in my energy, sense of well being and mental focus. My lady friend loves the motto " on the track or in the sack" you'll feel your best, and I do! Thanks so much for searching these herbs out and creating this product.


My experience with sun horse energy mojo 8.5 has been something quite amazing. Working retail and having to wake up at 4 am make the mornings quite rough and just the days over all. I didn't really notice how much of a difference it was making until about 3 weeks into taking it every morning. Much more energy over all I can push as hard in the gym as I want with out burning myself out. The darn hormones were in the tank too and I have those back as well as a fairly young guy I shouldn't have problems with that but I suppose when you break your body every day in the gym something has to break. This seemed to have fixed that problem which is quite nice. I will be using this product for quite a while I absolutely love it! Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with your amazing product. Daniel Hatayama


Ana is my sister and I order the mojo to her work to due to mail issues here at my place. My name is daniel alarcon 35 and I use mojo it gives me extra energy.


I found out about Sun Horse Energy through a podcast by Dave Asprey, “biohacker” and health expert and health coach. I began using the product several months ago. I found that it gives me an edge on my daily energy. I am also going through that formidable “mid-life” season and it seems to have helped my hot flashes. I also think I have noted an improvement in my sleep. I am a believer in using these natural high-quality adaptogens to potentiate my bodies own resources for vitality and health. I would recommend Sun Horse Energy’s products
to others.

Will Jobson

A Very Mellow Sustaining Energy Drink.”

My name is Will Jobson and I’m a surfer and a mountain bike rider and a very active guy and I find Sun Horse Elixir to be a very mellow sustaining energy drink. I’ve been mountain biking pretty heavy for the last 3 or 4 days straight and have found that it is a very, very, supportive, type of drink. I really enjoy it and it’s very unique in my mind. That’s what I wish say about it. By the way, I’m 67 years old and I can really appreciate that.

Thank you.
Will Jobson

Tom Stern

81-Year-Old Now Has “Incredible Energy”

Just a note to thank you for making ‘Sun Horse Energy Elixir” available to me. As you know, I am an 81 year-old film producer with a penchant for playing any sport i can. At this time I am playing softball twice a week, ‘pickle-ball’ three times a week and go in the ocean as much as possible as my surfing has hit a snag with bone-on-bone ‘arthritis’ in both shoulders.

Although I love to surf, it has become a bit difficult under the circumstances. For all these years, I have been taking various supplements and frankly, have wondered how much good they have done. So, with your new product Sun Horse, I have discontinued all supplements, figuring that the very nature of ‘adaptogens’ is that they go where needed. So, for the last three months I can honestly say that I have had incredible energy and see no reason to stop taking Sun Horse every morning first thing. I will give you a six-month report but I see nothing but ‘upside’ in taking your product.

Tom Stern

Madeline Servin

After Suffering a Concussion, Can Now Sleep & Focus Better

Since I’ve been on Sun Horse my life has changed drastically. After suffering from a concussion in 2012, I just wasn’t the same. My energy level decreased and because of that so did my activity level. I was left feeling depressed, fatigued, foggy, and had trouble focusing on simple tasks. I suffered from migraines and I was fortunate if I was able to get a few hours of sleep at night. Since being on Sun Horse not only have all of these symptoms gone away, I am feeling even better than before! My energy level is amazing, I am back to running and have actually improved in my Personal records and have felt no fatigue after or during working out. It has surprisingly helped me in ways I didn’t expect.

For example, I would suffer from debilitating long periods every month that would leave me moody and stuck in bed because of the pain, now I am literally running miles around during that time of the month and I’m not having mood swings like before. I am able to sleep 8 hours straight through the night. My hair is growing thicker and longer, my skin is glowing, my nails are growing fast and strong, I don’t have cravings for sugar and my overall body has toned up more.

The list could go on with how many benefits I have experienced. I am so grateful for this product and what positive effect it has had on not only my health but my life.

Lili Rodriguez

Despite Congestive Heart Disease, Can Now Comfortably Walk Stairs “Without Huffing & Puffing!”

I will be 67 years old in November. I’ve been taking Sun Horse energy drink for a year now. Just last year, my congestive heart disease was so serious I was writing my will because I didn’t think I would last the week. Now I feel like I used to a decade ago: I have energy again and I never feel sick. Last year my cardiologist told me to avoid stairs. I had to avoid walking up any incline too. Just walking a block would make me so weak and out of breath that I felt like a heart attack was imminent. Now I comfortably walk uphill and upstairs with no huffing & puffing or heart palpitations, and my husband and I enjoy taking walks through the countryside including up and down steep hills (with a few appropriate rests along the way.)

For the last two years, because of macular degeneration, my vision has been too poor for me to drive. Now my eyesight has improved so much that I hope to be driving my car again by next year. Because of the Federal government’s budget cuts, I had been terrified that I might lose Medi-Cal which I felt had been my lifeline the last couple of years, but now I have confidence that in the future I could even live without medical care as long as I continue to take my Sun Horse Energy drink. I feel I might even be up to going back to work in my former career again. Thank you Sun Horse Energy group and especially thank you Micaela (my granddaughter) who has been lovingly and faithfully shipping Sun Horse Energy to me every month.

James Hird, age 63

“Sun Horse ‘Softened’ the Effect of Nerve Damage Caused by Shingles”

I had Shingles when I began taking Sun Horse Energy Elixir. That was, in fact, the reason I decided to try it. My wife had heard of others who felt energized by the drink. Additionally, they had also talked about various beneficial effects that they were experiencing, So we reasoned that it couldn’t hurt to try it. My Shingles lasted about two weeks, at least the surface rash. Perhaps because of the Sun Horse, I never really felt the prolonged pain people talk about in connection with Shingles. I experienced plenty of stabbing pains in my left shoulder and a persistent pain in my neck, but that was gone within the week. It may be that the Sun Horse ‘softened’ the effect of the nerve damage caused by Shingles.

Compared to all the other Shingles stories I’ve heard or read about, mine seemed mild by comparison, both in the size of the area covered by the rash and in duration and intensity. During the time I was taking Sun Horse, I didn’t notice any ‘miraculous’ surge in energy, but I did feel like being more physically active. Also, I think it helped me to be more alert mentally – that is to say, my ability to learn new things, such as a song on guitar, seemed to ‘perk up’. I had no negative reaction in any way to the Sun Horse. My overall impression is that it is very helpful.

Genelle Cimental

“Healthy Hair, Nails & Skin!”

I began taking Sun Horse Energy Elixir in Oct/Nov. Over the last 6 months it has affected me in some ways I did not expect. I did begin to feel much better not long after I began taking it daily. I was only able to drink one 6-8 oz glass per day and for some reason it reacted differently in that I drink it at night since it seems to help me sleep which is exactly what my body needed in that sleep was an issue for me and I had very little energy or strength so sleep was vital.

It also helped me to make other changes to benefit my health, for instance I started thinking more clearly. One unexpected benefit that I noticed was that it caused my hair and nails to become very healthy and grow rapidly and helped my skin! With these and other changes, I am beginning to feel like my life can be what it once was. I do not feel like my life is over any more, which I was beginning to think it was.

Genelle Cimental

Elia Nikolaev, E-RYT

“No Sign of Any Kind of Energy Crash”

As a full time Yoga instructor and health enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for pure and natural substances that I can add into my life that will help me maintain optimal performance on the physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional planes. I have found that while teaching and practicing Yoga during the day, I mostly live off of raw foods, superfoods, and liquids of all kinds, which works perfectly for my body and mind. I have a few staples that are a part of my everyday life that help me keep my peak efficiency, and I am always open to new ideas and products. When I was first introduced to Sun Horse by the creator, who showed me the list of all of the natural and unprocessed ingredients, I have to admit I was still skeptical, I thought it was just another “energy drink” gimmick. After allowing my system to adapt to Sun Horse, which only took three days of once-a-day dosage, I knew this was going to be a new addition to my small family of life enhancing products. There was no sign of any kind of “crash” that is commonly felt, even with natural energy boosters. What I love about Sun Horse is that I wouldn’t even classify at an “energy drink”. I would personally call it a “cellular enhancement” drink, a superfood, a medicine, and a tonic, because that what it feels like it does, boosts cellular function.

Of course, energy is one symptom that comes out of that but, that is just a part of the story. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone no matter what they are going through, because there is nothing in the ingredients that would be contraindicated with any conditions whatsoever. Friends to whom I’ve recommended this also become converts. As if all of that was not enough, it even tastes great. Committed to higher Living!! Yours truly,

Elia Nikolaev, E-RYT

Bruno F

“Increased Stamina, Concentration, and 40% Increase in Strength!”

I started drinking Sun Horse Elixir about 4 months ago, in September 2012. I was helping some friends move, and somebody brought it over before we began moving. I was about to have an energy drink, but I was encouraged to try Sun Horse Elixir instead. I drank about 6 ounces of it, and the results were amazing. I was revitalized, had lots of energy, and did not crash. We moved my friends, into an upstairs unit, for 5 hours straight, and I never felt tired or groggy. I have been drinking Sun Horse Elixir daily, usually before lifting weights at the gym. I have noticed increased stamina, concentration, and best of all strength. I’m probably lifting 40% heavier than I was before I started drinking Sun Horse. Also, whenever I do any aerobic exercise, such as my tennis, I notice that if I drink Sun Horse right before, I have more stamina and I’m able to stay in the points longer. Overall I would recommend Sun Horse to anyone looking to increase their stamina and strength.

Bruno F

Amie Thomas

“I Don’t Crave Junk Food and Sugar Like I Used Too.”

Over the past months I have heard a lot about Sun Horse Energy Elixir and I was very interested in trying it. The day Tom brought me some I had no idea what I was in for. It has literally changed my life. I feel like I used to years ago. To start, I sleep deeper, wake up more awake. I’ve always had sleeping issues but they are finally gone! I no longer have problems falling asleep or waking up very tired! I feel like my energy levels are back where they are supposed to be, I can concentrate so much better, I don’t crave junk food and sugar like I used too. It’s amazing! I also used to get very bloated and achy during my menstrual cycle every month. Since I started drinking Sun Horse that no longer happens! This drink has truly changed my life for the better and it will now forever be a part of my daily routine! My thank you’s will never be enough! I will stand behind this drink forever!

Amy, age 47

After Being Run Over By a Bus, No More Fatigue!

One of the main issues I’ve had since being run over by a bus in Mexico (actually happened) is that of lack of sustained energy and general fatigue preventing me from normal activity. I noticed immediately after the first day on the Sun Horse Elixir, a calm feeling, almost like having a glass of wine, very mellow. The next day, however, when I woke up to try to take my usual beach run of 20 min, I felt calm energy for a very long time. I ran for about an hour, had no appetite, went to work and felt great all day after only eating an apple and drinking plenty of water. Went for another run after work and had a light dinner. I wasn’t overly hungry like usual. I drank lots of water throughout the day as instructed. I usually crave sugar or coffee in the afternoon, that craving was gone. I slept so good that night and as long as I take the Sun Horse Elixir 2 times per day.

I continue to have a calm energy that allows me to do pretty much whatever I want. I love not craving sugar and not being overly hungry. I seem to be satisfied with light meals and lots of water. It takes about 3 days for it to have the same level of effectiveness if I don’t drink it for a while. I try not to be without it because it’s worth every penny to have the energy to do things I want to do and have a “normal” appetite for healthy foods. Some other benefits I’ve noticed is my skin looking better, my mental clarity and better sleep.

A.C., Triathlete

“Back to Normal Energy Levels”

Your Sun Horse Energy Elixir has changed my life! I sleep soo much better and I’m more awake when I wake up! I feel like my energy levels are all back to normal and I was in a weird funky fog before. I don’t crave crappy foods and I just all around feel so much better! Thanks you. I’m fully hooked

A.C., Triathlete

Alissa Sears

Helped Aid Worker Recover from Dengue Fever

Words don’t do justice to the magic of Sun Horse. Truly. I had it with me on our adVenturesAcademy program that Dave and I are building and he was stunned when I pulled it out of my bag…we proceeded to both enthusiastically sing the praises of your products. He then told me about you and role in bringing Sun Horse to the people.

If it’s helpful, I would love to provide a testimonial or feedback. Your products are true game changers. Having been in the natural products industry my whole life, it is rare to find those products with true integrity, efficacy, quality and purpose upon which our industry was founded. Sun Horse is just that. I told Dave it is “magic in a bottle.”

I have been taking Thrivagen for nearly 6 months and it is truly lifesaving / life restoring. I have dealt with the ramifications and relapses of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever for the last 11 years and your product has helped curtail some incredibly severe relapses – most recently this past week. I contracted Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever when I was leading tsunami relief efforts in Northern Sri Lanka in 2005. I was the CDC’s first known case of “Tsunami Dengue.”

While the tropical disease specialists seemed thrilled to deal with this, I was not. I had continued to work as soon as I had been released from the hospital, very lucky to have survived. I’ve been dealing with severe relapses multiple times per year, a phenomenon many of the tropical disease specialists have said is impossible. I found a few specialists who had worked with the CIA and they said that relapses can occur with the severity of dengue that I had, it’s just very little known as there is not much research done on it. My doctor had recommended your products last year and sang your praises – saying that the UV testing you all do is top of the line. It was adaptogens that had been my saving grace when I had first returned to the US – and the only thing that had worked after several years of tests and some really challenging times health-wise. I was really excited to try your products and have been truly astounded with how powerfully they restore health and address this condition – much of which is triggered by strain/stress on the endocrine system. My doctor continues to muscle test your products with each incident I have, and time and time again they are the only thing that works. Last week, a relapse had been triggered as I had run out of your products. I immediately started taking them again, and within a few days I felt myself regaining my health and getting stronger and stronger, abating a potentially strong relapse.

I’m sorry for the long email, but I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all you do to restore true health and vitality. Having lost it many times, I know the value at such a deep level and I can’t thank you enough for ensuring the quality and integrity of your products. They work and address issues I have been told have no solution by leading “experts.”

Thank you again!

Very best,

Alissa Sears
VP Growth & Strategy
Co-founder, adVenturesAcademy


No More Sinus Infections

I am very thankful to have been introduced to Sun Horse Energy, taking these adaptogens has been incredibly life changing for me. Surfing is my main hobby and prior to Sun Horse, I would often come down with sinus infections, colds, ear infections, and inflammation, with doctors prescribing antibiotics multiple times per year. Since I have been taking the Sun Horse herbal supplement, I have not come down with any sinus infections or ear infections and the in ammation in my body has substantially decreased.

I feel very strongly that these herbs have given my body the strength it needs to fight bugs and bacteria and the energy I need to keep up with my active lifestyle. I can’t put into words how much better I feel and how strong I feel. The herbal supplement has kept me healthy, active, and feeling much leaner with reduced inflammation in my muscles. I sincerely recommend Sun Horse Energy herbal elixir!

Wishing you the best in health!

Trish is taking Thrivagen (Trish is an Attorney in Solana Beach, CA and an avid surfer, free diver, volleyball player, and she enjoys dance and yoga.)