Kava Lift = Noble Kava + Adaptogens

Your dream formula is finally here!

Focus enhancing, anti-anxiety, restorative, balancing, reliable. Have you ever experienced a supplement that delivers for you as consistently as the Sun Horse proprietary blend of adaptogens? One that’s helped people effortlessly make huge lifestyle changes? How does it do that, you ask?

By helping regulate your blood sugar and metabolism instantly. Once you start taking Sun Horse, you immediately begin to respond to stress belter.

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Now with Kava – a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer.  The NFL has begun using Kava because it’s safe and doesn’t slow down players’ reaction time. It’s also a great social lubricant because it raises your dopamine levels and mellows you out – but still leaves you focused for the conversation.

We invite you to experience Kava Lift for $29.95 at an intro price for a limited time. You save $20.00!  How’s that for anxiety relief?
‘Chill without a pill, and STAY focused.’ – Kava Lift

Noble Kava I Jiaogulan I Himilayan Goji I Acai I Peruvian Maca I American Ginseng I Schisandra Fruit I Asian Licorice Root I Rhodiola Rosea I Astragalus Root I Reishi Mushroom I Catuaba I Guarana I Ashwaganda I Organic Agave I Organic Maple Syrup


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