About Sun Horse

The Sun Horse Energy story begins 40 years ago in Jalisco state, Mexico.

Or maybe it starts over 100 years ago in Hungary. Or maybe it begins before time itself?

Depends on how you look at it….

Let’s start with Mexico….

The reason Sun Horse Energy has helped so many people is because of a nasty scorpion sting, which took place in the state of Jalisco, in the mid-1970s.

Dan Moriarty, Sun Horse Energy founder, was stung on the left shoulder while fast asleep by a venomous scorpion ‘Centruroides Sculpturatus’. He was traveling in Mexico at the time.

He awoke instantly in considerable pain, and within minutes was having extreme difficulty breathing, along with uncontrollable salivation and tunnel vision.

By chance, a local fisherman was in his camp and immediately recognized the gravity of the situation. He knew of a Huichol native living nearby and went to get him on foot.

After a short while, the Huichol native arrived in the camp with a root that he had picked in the jungle (his “medicine chest”). He made a tea from the root, and instructed Dan to drink it while it was very hot.

Upon drinking the tea, Dan was able to breathe freely again within minutes.

“I have no doubt that this man and his plant remedy (guaco) saved my life,” Dan swears to this day on his life….

Dan decided right then and there to devote all his energies into learning about herbs from his mother a Hungarian herbalist specializing in Woman’s health.

Later in life Daniel chose the Adaptogenic class of herbs to study because of their broad spectrum of healing properties while being non-toxic to the organs. He was inspired to progress his studies based on that threatening incident which happened in Jalisco Mexico that really opened his eyes to the healing nature of plants for the people.

The amazing ability of adaptogenic herbs to help humans adapt to physical, emotional, and environmental stressors has been going on since time immemorial. They have been used by traditional Chinese medicine healers and Ayurvedic practitioners of ancient India, as well as in Tibet and dozens of other traditional societies for at least a few thousand years. And they most likely were used long before these cultures started using them for healing purposes. (For more on the history of adaptogens, read this blog post.)

Dan’s grandmother passed on all her herbal knowledge to Dan’s mom, who in turn passed it on to Dan. Dan has been immersed in herbs, especially adaptogenic herbs, for over 40 years.

Saddened and frustrated by the prevalence of “false, unhealthy energy drinks and supplements” on the market, Dan decided to make the safe, effective and non-toxic power of adaptogenic herbs available to everybody in an easy to use, readily-accessible format. The formula for Sun Horse Energy took Dan 8 years to perfect! The stress-regulating, stamina- and focus-boosting formula known as Sun Horse was launched in 2010.

And as of 2016, Sun Horse Energy is the first adaptogenic herbal formula to be available in a liposomal encapsulation. This means that the power of the adaptogenic herbs found in Sun Horse goes directly to your cells and bypasses the lengthy processes of the digestive system. Dan collaborated with Dr. Chris Shade of Quicksilver Scientific to co-brand the world’s first nanoparticle adaptogenic formula, NanoMojo.

So, the Sun Horse Energy Story is roughly a decade old. Or 40 years. Or a century. Or … thousands of years. No matter how long the story is, the happy ending of Sun Horse Energy is this:

You will always have stress. But adaptogens are literally here to rescue us. You will not only survive by taking Sun Horse Energy, you will THRIVE! The adaptogenic herbs in our formulas can help you tackle all that our hectic modern society throws your way … and make it seem like it ain’t no big thing!